Cost of an obituary in Switzerland: factors influencing the price

In Switzerland, it is customary to place an obituary in the newspaper. But what are the costs involved?

Main Factors in Price Formation

Type of Publication: Local or National

In Switzerland, prices vary significantly depending on the type of newspaper. An ad in a small local paper can start at around 300 CHF, while the cost for an ad in a large national newspaper like NZZ or Tagesanzeiger can quickly exceed 2000 CHF.

Size and Design of the Ad

The larger the ad, the higher the cost. The newspaper calculates the price based on the height of the ad in millimeters. This per-millimeter price varies depending on the newspaper's circulation and whether a photo or background image is used in black and white or color.

Circulation and Reach

The larger the circulation of a newspaper, the higher the cost of an ad. Accordingly, specialized or high-circulation newspapers may be more expensive.

Additional Cost Factors

Publication Day

An extra charge is often levied for ads published on weekends or holidays, as the readership is larger on those days.

Additional Services

Services like layout and typesetting, proofreading, or image editing are generally billed separately.

Rush Fees and Multiple Publications

Rush fees may apply if the ad must be placed very quickly. If you plan to publish the ad in multiple newspapers or different language regions, you should expect higher overall costs.

Cost-saving Tip for Subscribers

Our experience shows that newspapers are often lenient and offer discounts on the high obituary prices if the deceased was a long-time subscriber of the paper. Make sure to mention this when placing the ad with the newspaper!

Some Price Examples for an "Average Obituary" in Swiss Newspapers

Ad with an approximate height of 155mm - all information without guarantee

Newspaper Price (approx.) - without guarantee
NZZ 3400 CHF
Tagesanzeiger 1900 CHF
Basler Zeitung 1550 CHF
Berner Zeitung 1300 CHF
Luzerner Zeitung 2800 CHF
Thurgauer Zeitung 1400 CHF
Appenzeller Zeitung 1200 CHF
Oltner Tagblatt 1360 CHF
Zürcher Unterländer 700 CHF
Klotener Anzeiger 750 CHF

Economical Alternative: An Online Obituary

The digital obituary from offers a modern and more cost-effective alternative. Friends & relatives can thus be informed worldwide, directly, and quickly—even those without a newspaper subscription. Our intuitive obituary designer with text blocks makes it easy to create a tasteful personal obituary within minutes.

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